Music is scattered across the digital landscape.

Strix Music brings it together again.

Listen without limits

Audio files, cloud storage, streaming services, they all work with Strix Music.

ALL your music. One convenient place.

Shape shifting superpowers

Strix can be completely reskinned and infinitely customized.

Personal taste is important. Make yourself at home.

Where you need us most

Strix Music is set to support Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and web browsers. We've got you covered.

Developers. Developers. Developers.

Strix Music SDK

A highly flexible and standardized development kit for music apps.

Expand any Strix-compatible app with new music sources, hand crafted skins, or generic plugins.

Rapidly interface with any music service in your apps. Build without limits.

Our promise
Free forever
Strix Music is 100% free, forever. No ads, paywalls or IAP.
No part of Strix Music will ever rely on a central server. Hello from IPFS!
Open source
The source code for Strix Music and the SDK will be free and open source.
January - February 2022
  • Preparation for open source.
  • Documentation, Bug fixes, Unit tests and DevOps.
  • Finalizing the SDK.
February - May 2022
  • Releasing as open source, still in Alpha.
  • Releasing the plugin system for the SDK.
  • Increased focus on UI improvements.
May - July 2022
  • Open beta for App and SDK.
  • Adding more services. Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube Music, etc.
  • Addressing user feedback, dev issues and community contributions.
August - September 2022
  • Bug fixes
  • Final touches
  • Launch!